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Scream 2

If Scream (1996) opens with one of horror’s most iconic scenes, the sequel features a pre-credits sequence that, like its predecessor, is better than the film that follows it. Two college students, Maureen and Phil, played by Jada Pinkett and Omar Epps, attend a prescreening of Stab, a movie based on the book by opportunistic journalist Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox) about the Woodsboro murders. Phil is enthused, but Maureen is no fan of horror movies. Inside, unhinged moviegoers dressed in Ghostface costumes throw popcorn, holler in the aisles, and wave glow-in-the-dark plastic knives. Why they’re so fanatical about a movie based on a book remains curious. Usually, such zealous behavior accompanies established franchises or repeat midnight madness screenings of beloved cult classics (think Rocky Horror Picture Show), not pre-screenings. But no matter. Soon, a real killer enters the scene, hiding among the many Ghostfaces. After taking out Phil in the restroom, the killer sits beside Maureen and stabs her amid the unruly theater patrons. No one notices the actual violence happening before them until the bloodied Maureen climbs on stage in front of the screen and falls to her death. Then, finally, the crowd notices, and the real screaming begins.

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