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Missing is a so-called screenlife movie steeped in our culture’s obsession with amateur sleuthing and true crime podcasts. Based on a story by Sev Ohanian and Aneesh Chagant, the new thriller marks a pseudo-sequel to 2018’s Searching, whose editors Will Merrick and Nicholas Johnson take over as writer-directors here. The conceit is a frantic kidnapping mystery that unravels exclusively across several devices, such as computer desktops, smartphones, security cameras, various apps, and a smartwatch. An offshoot of found footage, the setup feels less spontaneous and more manufactured by comparison, leaving the viewer to feel pushed and pulled through the ensuing suspense by the editing, sometimes in clumsy ways. Unfortunately, apart from a novel twist or two, the scenario propelling this innovative presentation doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. This a shame, as the picture’s convincing cast and general conceit have potential to spare. 

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