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Critics often praise horror movies for their ability to fold genuine emotions or social issues into frightful symbolism. If a movie’s masked killer, demonic spirit, or grotesque creature can represent a significant idea that reflects our culture or some facet of the human condition, then it allows the genre to address more than pure entertainment value and thus elevates the art form. Hatching, from Finnish director Hanna Bergholm, supplies an allegory about growing up, bad parenting, and social media obsession. Many critics have praised the movie on these terms, remarking on its themes and use of symbolism worthy of a dark fairy tale. The story—about a 12-year-old girl, Tinja (Siiri Solalinna), who incubates a giant egg until a murderous humanoid bird-thing, her counterpart, emerges from the shell—captures the imagination with its loaded imagery. However, great movies should be about more than ideas; they’re also about how the filmmakers convey those ideas using the tools at their disposal. But, in almost every way, Hatching looks and plays like a made-for-TV coproduction between the Lifetime and SyFy channels, undercutting its otherwise inspired concept.

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