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Fresh skewers the modern dating scene. In the first sequence, Noa, played with lovelorn cynicism by Daisy Edgar-Jones, endures a dating app dinner with a toxic dope (Brett Dier). Within minutes, he offers Noa a backhanded compliment and plunders her leftovers for himself. When she explains that the first date didn’t really work for her, he calls her a “stuck up bitch.” End of evening. If this seems like the date from hell, just wait. The directorial debut of Mimi Cave has worse—much worse—in store for Noa, a Portlandian who hates dating. What works so well about this darkly comic material, written by Lauryn Kahn, best known for her work on various Adam McKay projects, is that we cannot possibly predict where it’s going. It’s one of those movies that relies on catching the viewer unaware, thus a trailer or review—even a poster—could give too much away and lessen your experience. So consider yourself warned that I plan to discuss the movie in detail.  

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