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Everybody Knows opens on clock gears in a church belfry. Long ago, lovers etched their initials, “L” and “P,” above the two benches near the wheels and pinions. Now the space belongs to birds that sneak inside through the clock’s broken facade. Still, the clock ticks away. Writer-director Asghar Farhadi ratchets suspense with heated emotional timbre, combining melodrama with conventional thrills that function like clockwork. To watch the film is to find yourself clicking along with his characters’ lives so completely that you cannot help but feel caught in its relentless escalation. Farhadi’s eighth feature, his first in Spanish, diverts from his cinema’s usual social critique of his native Iranian culture. Even so, the film adheres to Farhadi’s well-established blueprint of disrupting seemingly everyday lives with an inciting incident that soon unravels everything about the characters. At the same time, it presents a moral puzzle to which there is no correct solution. Although many critics considered it a disappointment upon its release in 2018, Everybody Knows remains a vibrantly acted and photographed film that breezes by over its 132-minute runtime.


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