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This film was screened at the 42nd Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival.

Bill Pohlad isn’t a prolific writer-director. Since Old Explorers, his debut film from 1990 about two senior citizens who dream about an adventurous past, he’s made only two other features: the Brian Wilson biopic Love & Mercy (2013) and his latest, Dreamin’ Wild, about musicians Donnie and Joe Emerson. Although he has a better track record as a producer of films such as Brokeback Mountain (2005), The Tree of Life (2011), and 12 Years a Slave (2013), the filmmaker, heir to the billionaire Minnesota family, chooses his projects carefully. But each directorial effort has a similar theme about looking at the idealized past and regretting the lost time between then and now. With that in mind, Dreamin’ Wild, which debuted at the Venice Film Festival last year, is awash in faux poetic aestheticism, mixed with the brooding of an artist whose early career failure has shaped the remainder of his life. Pohlad, who called himself a “frustrated musician” in the Q&A that followed the film’s screening at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, can no doubt relate to feeling unseen creatively in that respect. 

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